AUSXIP Media has been online for twenty years and in that time we have built websites that shine, created award winning book covers and helped authors with their endeavours. Let us help you by giving you a hand in creating a new website, editing your work or creating a new cover that will stand out from the pack.


A professionally designed book cover makes a world of difference and will make you stand out. You have spent hours/months/years crafting your novel, why not have a spectacular cover to go with it.

We can create:

  • Print covers (Front, Back and Spine) to your book specifications
  • Ebook covers


We promise:

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – we will work with you to get it ‘just right’
  • Professionally designed covers delivered in JPEG or PNG, PSD or PDF
  • We can design your cover that will pass with flying colors on all print or ebook stores


You have worked on your novel for months/years and feels like it will never end but it does. You have your novel but it needs that final polish. It needs editing and you have no idea where to start. We have the solution for you. Our editor will work with you to make your creative baby into a work of art.

Tell us what your editing needs are and we will work to make it happen.


Authors and artists require a place to showcase their work. You need your own space where you have no fear that it will disappear overnight. A great website design will make you stand out. We have been designing web sites for over twenty years – from the dawn of the internet.

We can design that PERFECT web site that will suit your need. We can design and/or implement a WordPress or Static site. We can also set up your Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts.



Tell us what you need and we will work you to make it happen. Reasonable prices.

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