Susanne M. Beck



Stronger Together, Vulnerable When Apart


Meet Ice and Angel who are nurturing a passionate love in the notorious women’s prison called “The Bog”. A love that makes them stronger together… and so much more vulnerable when they are apart.

If you love “Orange is the New Black”, you will fall in love with Redemption’s Ice and Angel. The best things in life are often found in the most unexpected places…

Angel is a small-town young woman who finds herself trapped in her worst nightmare, a state penitentiary called “The Bog”. Sentenced for murder and sent to the infamous prison, Angel becomes a useful inmate to the other prisoners with her unique skills of procuring items for the prisoners. Her life changes when Angel attracts the attention of the legendary prisoner and repeat offender, Morgan Steele, better known as “Ice”, who once again returns to the Bog.

The minute Angel looks into the woman’s icy blue eyes, she is drawn like a moth to a flame, sensing a connection she cannot explain nor deny. Charmed by her innocence, Ice takes Angel up on a dare that will forever change their lives as the two start down a road together they’ve never traveled before – fueling a passion that will rock them to the very core and nurturing a love that will make them stronger together…and so much more vulnerable when they are apart.





This Series is Part of my all time top 10 Novels. A Must Read. Prepare yourself for a healthy block of time. You will not want to put the book down or stop until the series is completed! – Gloria / Goodreads

Oh Sue Beck!
This is one of my all time favorite books and is my second time reading it. It always makes my heart skip and the butterflies take flight. I read it a long time ago as fan fiction and fell in love with it. I pulled the book out to read it after hearing about Sue’s death. She definitely left behind greats works. Alicia Seawright / Goodreads

I have to admit that I have read this trilogy over and over thru the years. I never get tired of it, especially this 1st book. Wish I could put it on my Kindle. No doubt about it…it’s just a sexy book! Read it now, and if you’ve already read it, read it again from time to time.. JoK /

Set in a modern-day women’s prison known as the Bog, this is a phenomenal, gut-wrenching story marking the debut of an exceptional writer. Told from the perspective of a young woman named Angel serving a sentence for murder, the story follows the daily drama of life in a setting where violence is the predominant state of affairs, the struggle for survival consumes most of the hours in a day, and despair holds the soul in a vice like grip. .. Amazon customer Review /


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