Cindy Tingley has always considered herself a “Jackie of All Trades.” Born and raised as a 6th generation “Conch” (on her mom’s side) on the Island of Key West, FL, she always had a desire to go beyond a job “with security and benefits” to find work that inspired and enriched her life. As a result, she’s done a little bit of everything in her quest to find that perfect fit. From Law Enforcement to Broadcast Radio, Information Technology, and Designing and Presenting Adult Learning, Cindy has been a lifelong learner that is ever evolving. She is also a creative soul who has let that side of her shine through in acting, website design, writing radio copy and small magazine articles, audio/video production, and through her biggest passion presentation design. Over the past several years Cindy has completely embraced the art of great, and effective, presentation design, using PowerPoint as her main tool. As a result, she is currently one of less than 40 people in the world who now hold certification as a “Certified Presentation Specialist (CPS)™ with PowerPoint® proficiency,” through The Presentation Guild.

Now the fates have aligned, and Cindy is ready to merge her love of providing learning opportunities for others, and her passion for presentation design, and bring them together in a book that will allow everyone to become better at their presentation design game. She will prove that you do not need a degree in graphic design to produce work that will capture and engage your audiences! 

Cindy currently lives near Seattle, WA, with her “better half” and their two adorable pups, Stitch and Chachy.

Powerpoint Design & Presentation Series – Book 1

Killing Your Presentation Darlings: Myth Busting Powerpoint Design

To Be Released: July 2022