Written by Shireen Magedin



It’s 1975 in Nawabshah, Pakistan. Sarah and Tanya have fallen in love in an ancient land. Can they withstand the fierce opposition to their forbidden love in a city of deeply held beliefs and cultural traditions?

The world is changing, but not fast enough for Tanya Kareem. Her promotion to police inspector sends her to Nawabshah, where she will have to prove herself and take a leading role in a man’s world.

Sarah Shahzad Shah’s passion for learning and compassion for her patients make her a brilliant doctor in training. But she possesses psychic abilities that she doesn’t know how to master… yet. Those gifts will come in handy when she handles some of her more puzzling cases that lead her to Inspector Tanya Kareem.

Their journey is just beginning.


eBook & Print – 25 January 2022







Reviewed by Taylor Rickard – Bestselling Author “Words Heard in Silence”

In a land saturated with millennia of history and the burden of very conservative social and religious views, two young women seek to pursue careers in areas that are not common for those of their gender. One is committed to becoming a physician, and is one of the first in her country to attend a new all-female medical college. The other believes in the role that the law plays in protecting the lives and welfare of others. These two extraordinary women find each other in the heat and desert air of the Indus Valley, and as each strives to achieve within their chosen professions, they come to find that their dedication to the welfare of others has led them to discovering a loving, supportive relationship in a society that is not supportive of either of their careers or of the love they have found.

Dr. Sarah and Inspector Tanya are drawn together by the medical challenges that Sarah faces and the legal demands that Tanya must fulfill. As they face a series of sometimes painful and even tragic situations together, their relationship grows until they realize that for them to meet the needs of their own hearts, they must find a new way.

Dr. Shireen Magedin has brought the reality of living in Sindh, the Indus Valley of Pakistan, being women in socially unconventional careers, facing the harsh reality of death, abuse, and corruption, while finding love in a socially constrained society to life in LIFELINES. Her own experiences through medical school, and in living both in the Sindh and in Europe bring a gritty realism to this book, while tempering it with the gentle story of Dr. Tanya’s constant, loving and supportive relationship that grows over time with the dedicated Police Inspector who is the love of her life. As these two face the reality of their lives, they find succor in one another when times are rough – and I found the realism and perception of the author in both the growth of the relationship and the harsh reality of medical school and law enforcement in a male dominated society to be compelling.

Reviewed by Grant Leishman for Readers’ Favorite

Lifelines is a gentle, yet still exciting love story, especially as it is set in a society, a culture, and a time when same-sex relationships are not just frowned upon but are considered seriously deviant and against God’s will. Author Shireen Magedin has done a lovely job of exploring these two very different women and their fierce love and protectiveness for each other. Written from a dual perspective, each event in their lives is explored from both Sarah’s and Tanya’s viewpoints. Although this literary technique has the potential to become repetitive, this author did well to keep the reader’s interest by presenting two women who are markedly different in many ways and view each circumstance from a distinctly different perspective but despite that are still united in their love for each other.

The author is a medical doctor herself and this clearly shows through the story arcs, especially as it pertains to her detailed descriptions of patients’ injuries and illness, as well as detailed knowledge of hospital procedures and surgical techniques. The central theme of the novel is love and this is explored in all its facets, without resorting to crude or lurid details. This was refreshing and a credit to the author. I particularly enjoyed the sense of anticipation over the two women’s desire to express their love for each other and their concurrent fear of rejection by the other party. The suspense was well built and maintained throughout the bulk of the story, along with a fascinating undercurrent of the supernatural and extrasensory perception. This was a sweet and enjoyable read that I can recommend to lovers of romance with a difference.