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Audio Book: In the Blood of the Greeks by Mary D. Brooks

We are pleased to announce the release of the first five chapters of In The Blood of the Greeks by Mary D. Brooks. Narrated by Arielle Strauss Brueland and produced by XV Podcasters. Complete Audiobook to be available early 2022 Performed by: Arielle Strauss Brueland...

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Pre-order Serene and the Spirits by Arielle Struess Brueland

Serene is a three-year-old Japanese -American girl who lives in Ohio with her moms. Serene is excited that her family will visit her cousins in Japan and attend the Obon’s annual Buddhist summer festival. The celebration commemorates one’s ancestors, and Serene spends...

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Upcoming AUSXIP Charity Auction Catalog PDF

Every year since 2006, AUSXIP has held a charity auction to raise money for our official charities: “The Starship Foundation” – the fund raising arm of the Starship Children’s Hospital in New Zealand and The House of Bards Theatre Company (in...

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We Welcome Sherri Rabinowitz to AUSXIP Pub!

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Sherri Rabinowitz to AUSXIP Publishing. We will be publishing her novel “Murder Inc.” 2nd Edition. Sherri is an award winning author and the host of Chatting with Sherri and Sherri’s Playhouse! ABOUT MURDER...

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AUSXIP Publishing Welcomes New Staff Member: Lucia Nobrega

AUSXIP Publishing Staff Announcement We are thrilled to announce the addition of a new staff member to AUSXIP Publishing. Lucia Nobrega has joined our team as our resident Illustrator. It’s a collaboration that has spanned twenty years when Lucia started to...

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New Release: Enemy at the Gate Audio Book

We are pleased to announce the release of the first audio book in the Intertwined Souls Series Available on Amazon, Audible and other audio book outlets. Enemy at the Gate by Mary D. Brooks! Narrated by the incredibly gifted voice actress Arielle Strauss Brueland who...

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Announcing New Author: Taylor Rickard and New Book

We are pleased to welcome Taylor Rickard to AUSXIP Publishing and also announce that Taylor’s new book “Redmond Family Cookbook” which is due in the Spring of 2021. Taylor Rickard has an unusual background. She was raised in the south by a...

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