Inspires, strengthens and enriches the soul

AUSXIP Publishing came about as a natural evolution to the expansion of the AUSXIP Fan Site Network.  Our goal is to bring you quality stories with strong female characters that inspire, strengthen and enrich the soul– to build you up, to create a sense of achievement and most importantly to entertain. We love reading about strong women who change their world.

All the hallmarks that made AUSXIP Network a place where people want to congregate is what we want to replicate. AUSXIP Publishing is the company that produces the books we want to read if were were not writing or publishing them ourselves.

Come with us on our journey and lose yourself in our books and grow with us



Mary D. Brooks is the President of AUSXIP Publishing and also an author, web designer and owner/chief editor of the AUSXIP Network for the last 19 years. Occasionally she has been known to take a nap. The phrase “I have an idea” is usually met with a knowing smile from friends. They know that a small idea never remains small once the vision is set in motion. Mary is passionate about her work and believes (to quote Helen Keller) the best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.

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Rosa Alonso lives in Spain and is our mild mannered Chief Editor and resident Grammar Queen. A woman of letters and a passionate reader. She cares deeply about the written word. She has a doctorate in English Literature and is well versed in keeping recalcitrant authors in line (gently, since we all know authors are so fragile). Passion and Commitment are two of her strongest traits.

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Danielle Stefanos is our Marketing and PR Director. Danielle manages the social media channels of AUSXIP Publishing, along with adding zest to daily occurrences. She keeps in contact with the audience and brings out the best and latest news and updates around AUSXIP Publishing,

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