Five Star Review for Redemption by Susanne M. Beck From Readers Favorite

We are so proud of this book and our a dear friend Sue Beck. Here’s a 5 star review by Readers Favorite on the upcoming Redemption – Ice and Angel Series Book 1. You can pre-order this book for a September 3, 2019 Release from Amazon

Reviewed by Viga Boland for Readers’ Favorite

If you’re getting tired of reading the same old, same old, or are starving for something different, come meet Angel and Ice, the stars of Redemption by Susanne M. Beck. Both convicted murderers, like hundreds of their friends and enemies who share living quarters at the state penitentiary, the relationship that evolves between these two will leave you pondering the strengths and frailties of humanity. Why do we do what we do? What lies beneath the masks we wear? Why is it so hard to be honest, especially with those whom we love? And what indeed attracts one person to another? You might be surprised by humanity’s ability to bond, to find love and even some measure of joy and peace in a prison like this. Simultaneously, as deeply as Beck moves and touches us with her story of Angel, Ice, the close members of their “good” gang, the Amazons, and even their kind guards, the author appalls us with the often violent, even murderous activity of the rival gangs and their leaders. Readers see the other side of life in a women’s prison. Susanne Beck spares no details in the often hate-filled and brutal clashes that will leave your head spinning. You come away glad that you are out here and not in there!

It’s impossible to touch on all the wonderful things about Redemption, too many to list here. A well-developed plot, captivating and unforgettable characters, excellent use of dialogue to reveal character and move the story along, graphic detail…Beck has brought it all together beautifully. But while the often ugly details make us wince, it’s the emotions Beck’s characters stir in us that we take away most from reading this brilliant story. It’s fiction, but the way it is delivered makes it so real you wonder if it is perhaps a skillfully masked memoir. Whatever the case, since this is a series, I’m definitely ready to read the two books that come next: Retribution and Restitution. Ice and Angel have grabbed my head and heart. Add this one to your reading list now!

Redemption: Ice & Angel Series Book 1 by Susanne M. Beck Pre-Order


The best things in life are often found in the most unexpected places…

Angel is a small-town young woman who finds herself trapped in her worst nightmare, a state penitentiary called “The Bog”. Sentenced for murder and sent to the infamous prison, Angel becomes a useful inmate to the other prisoners with her unique skills of procuring items for the prisoners. Her life changes when Angel attracts the attention of the legendary prisoner and repeat offender, Morgan Steele, better known as “Ice”, who once again returns to the Bog.

The minute Angel looks into the woman’s icy blue eyes, she is drawn like a moth to a flame, sensing a connection she cannot explain nor deny. Charmed by her innocence, Ice takes Angel up on a dare that will forever change their lives as the two start down a road together they’ve never traveled before – fueling a passion that will rock them to the very core and nurturing a love that will make them stronger together…and so much more vulnerable when they are apart.


New Release: Retrowave 2067: A Virtual Reality Adventure by Blake Longdon

We are very pleased to announce that Retrowave 2067: A Virtual Reality Adventure is now available in eBook and soon to be available in Print.

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We Welcome Author Blake Longdon

We are very pleased to announce a new author has joined AUSXIP Publishing. Please welcome Blake Longdon! We will be publishing Blake’s short story called “Retrowave 2067” – a science fiction short story with a twist. This will be Blake’s first published story. Ekalb Dar is a happy-go-lucky young man that is given the opportunity of a lifetime – to be the beta tester of a breakthrough virtual reality game. Described as a ‘perfect candidate’ for the Simulated Mind Vacation, Ekalb embarks on a journey that will change his life forever.

You can find Blake’s author page located here

You can find Blake’s Retrowave 2067 dedicated book page here

Retrowave 2067 will be published in May 2019



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Beloved Author Susanne M. Beck Passes Away

We got the shocking news this week of Susanne M. Beck’s passing over the Easter weekend (20 April 2019). Sue recently signed on with AUSXIP Publishing to bring her incredible Angel & Ice Series back into print and ebooks. A beloved author has been taken from us far too soon and we offer our deepest condolences to Sue’s family and her friends.

Our plans before Sue passed away was to publish Redemption (Book 1 in the Angel & Ice Series) around September 2019. We are going to stick to that schedule and publish it to honor Sue’s legacy. Royalties from the sale of these books will be donated to Sue’s favourite charity.

Rest in Peace, Sue. You were taken far too soon and our hearts are broken.

Explore Sue’s brilliant work.

Book 1: Redemption

Redemption is the story of a young woman who finds out that the best things in life are often found in the last place you’d look for them. Angel is a small-town girl who finds herself trapped within her worst nightmare, a state penitentiary. She finds inner strength, maturity, friendship and love while at the same time giving to others something she thought she’d lost within herself: Hope. It is the story of how Angel rediscovers hope blazing within the piercing blue eyes of another inmate, Ice



Book 2: Retribution

Retribution is a story with action, drama, suspense and too many emotions to list. Told by Angel herself, it will let you see into her very soul. This sequel to Redemption details the lives of Ice and Angel as they cross over the border and try to make new lives in a small vacation town in Canada. They meet both friends and enemies along the way and their love for one another grows and deepens. But obviously, as a fugitive from justice, danger is always only one step away for Ice. The man who fixed it so that she was sent to jail for a crime he committed is out to get her again. Several of his cronies manage to find her and she trades her life for Angel’s and is dragged away. Can she save herself and find her way back to Angel and happiness?



Picking up three months after “Retribution” left off, this is the story of how Ice finally makes full restitution for her crimes by agreeing to a plea bargain set up by a secret justice probe. The authorities are out to get the man who’s almost twice killed Ice (and who is in possession of some secrets which could topple a state government if he’s caught). She only agrees to the plea because if she doesn’t, Angel will be incarcerated for harboring a fugitive, and Ice will not let that happen.