AUSXIP Publishing Staff Announcement

We are thrilled to announce the addition of a new staff member to AUSXIP Publishing. Lucia Nobrega has joined our team as our resident Illustrator. It’s a collaboration that has spanned twenty years when Lucia started to illustrate MaryD’s Eva and Zoe series. In addition to Lucia’s extraordinary talents as an illustrator, she’s also one of our writers with her graphic novel “The Little Runaways”!

Who is Lucia Nobrega?

I am Lúcia Nóbrega, a Brazilian comic book writer and illustrator for children. I started my career at the Mauricio de Sousa Studio where I learned my craft with the best teachers. It was at Editora Abril (Abril Publishing) that my carrier really flourished. I wrote many comic books such as Alegria & CIA, Os Trapalhões, As Aventuras dos Trapalhões, Gugu, Little Lulu, Strawberry Shortcake.

Abril is the official publisher of Disney in Brazil so I wrote a few stories for Mickey, Donald and Zé Carioca too. Moving on from that adventure, I became a free-lancer artist and am currently working for various publications.

Find out more about Lucia on her author page