An announcement about upcoming changes to Amazon ebook format and Kindle devices has been made by Amazon.

Amazon has announced that they will no longer support the MOBI and AZW formats for their kindle devices. If you have MOBI files in your kindle device, they won’t be affected, just the new additions. Amazon is doing this because their newest kindle can’t handle mobi or azw formats. All books will now be using the (industry standard) EPUB format.

What does this mean for books we sell on AUSXIP Publishing Store?

We publish our ebooks in the EPUB format as standard (and have included a mobi version). We will cease to include the mobi edition UNLESS you have an older kindle device.

How do you get an epub book onto your kindle?

Every kindle device has an email (It’s how Amazon sends your purchased ebooks to your device). You can access this email by going to your Amazon account and looking for

  • Manage your content and devices
  • Select Devices from the Manage Your Content and Devices menu
  • Find your kindle device and click on the icon

You will then find your email (which will be in this format)

You can then send an email to your kindle with the epub you just bought.

If you have any questions regarding the above announcement, please contact us.