Here is the new cover for Resitution (Ice and Angel Series Book 3) by Susanne M. Beck.
Cover designed by Mary D. Brooks

Restitution is the third novel in the Ice & Angel series. It sets the scene for a thrilling conclusion to this action-packed, passionate, lesbian romance saga. Three months after Ice was recaptured, Angel is waiting on a court verdict that could send her back to prison for harboring a fugitive, and it might end much more than Angel’s freedom.

Ice is offered a pardon if she is willing to work for the Justice Department. What secrets does her nemesis hold that has the State out for his capture or death in exchange for a pardon? Can Ice trust the FBI and government officials to hold up their end of the agreement?

Ice chooses to protect Angel at all costs and decides to work for the government. She disappears into the Mexican underworld in search for her prey and a way to get back to Angel and to freedom.

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