We are pleased to announce that Enemy at the Gate by Mary D. Brooks will be released on January 31, 2020 on Amazon and other bookstores in ebook and print.

You can pre-order from: AUSXIP Publishing Store or Amazon

Thirteen-year-old Zoe Lambros is a Greek girl living an idyllic life on the family farm in Farsala, Greece…until the Germans invade her home and then everything changes.

It’s 1941 and Zoe is surrounded by death and misery in occupied Greece. She is determined to join the Greek Resistance. With the help of her cousin, Ellie, Zoe is recruited into the Bouboulina Resistance group to take part in a clandestine operation to rescue Jews from certain death. Can Zoe’s passionate desire to defend her country be enough to keep her alive long enough to complete the mission?

***Enemy at the Gate was originally a novella that was part of a multi-author 2019 USA Today Bestselling book called “The Darkest Hour: Tales of WW2 Resistance”. Once the short run of “The Darkest Hour” ended, the novella blossomed into a novel.***