We are pleased to announce the release of The Little Runaways graphic novel by Lucia Nobrega! The novel is available as a mobi (enhanced viewing) from Amazon or the AUSXIP Publishing Store.

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08GLQHKXQ

Meet The Little Runaways known as the Vowels – Aline (Armadillo), Eloy (Jaguar), Iris (Agouti), Oscar (Sloth), and Ulysses (Capybara). They are five Brazilian laboratory animals that escape from The Animal Research Center. It is run by the terrible biologist called ‘The Doctor!’ The Little Runaways flee into the forest to discover a world that they didn’t know existed. The outside world is full of fun, adventure, and freedom, but it can also be scary and dangerous. Danger lurks in the forest, and our five friends need to be on guard while they try and keep one step ahead of The Doctor.

Follow Aline, Eloy, Iris, Oscar, and Ulysses on their adventures. They have to learn to rely on each other and the friendship of the forest animals.