Retribution by Susanne M. Beck got a pretty cool 5 star review from Readers Favorite site.

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Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

Retribution is a work of thrilling lesbian romance fiction penned by author Susanne M. Beck. Forming the second novel in the Ice & Angel series, after Redemption, we meet our central couple shortly after the events of the first novel have finished. After meeting at the notorious women’s prison known as The Bog, we now find Angel fleeing alongside her fugitive partner Ice rather than be without her in the big wide world. Ice, for her part, has plenty of problems, not least of which is her pursuit by a Mexican cartel, and a man who is
determined to frame her and return her to prison. Together, this feisty pair of ex-cons might just have a chance at true freedom in the future, if they can survive to reach it.