Here’s a great interview with T. Novan went on Chatting With Sherri on May 20, 2020 and now you can listen into the interview

Chatting With Sherri welcomes author; T Novan!

T. Novan, has been writing essentially his entire life. His love of the craft and his desire to master the art started young when he won a community creative writing contest at the age of 8 with a short story about how mankind would settle future disputes over a chessboard.
40 years later, he realized that after spending some time as an auto mechanic, police officer and even most recently a chimpanzee keeper it was time to return to the one thing that he simply cannot escape his love of and the need to write.

He is married, with one daughter and three grandchildren and he currently lives about 20 minutes outside Richmond, Virginia where he splits his time between writing and being a ‘Gentleman Farmer’ on his small family homestead.

After being in semi-retirement for the last few years, TN has reemerged with classic titles like Madam President, First Lady and Words Heard in Silence (Book 1 of the Redmond Family Saga) rereleased for the first time in nearly 15 years. Now he and his writing partner and wife Taylor Rickard, have released Paths of Peace and Enemies in the Gates (Books 2 and 3 in the Redmond Family Saga). They are working on the fourth book in the Redmond series, Honor Thy Father.