We are pleased to welcome Taylor Rickard to AUSXIP Publishing and also announce that Taylor’s new book “Redmond Family Cookbook” which is due in the Spring of 2021.

Taylor Rickard has an unusual background. She was raised in the south by a grandmother whose love of Southern history and traditions was instilled in her from an early age. Her grandmother’s dreams for her life included being presented at the St. Cecilia’s Cotillion, marriage to a nice boy from the Citadel, and a life of doing research for the Huguenot Society of South Carolina and raising lovely little Children of the Confederacy. That didn’t happen. She grew up to have multiple careers in her life.
She has been a chef, a television producer/director and an information technology architect. But it was that love and knowledge of all things southern that lead her and her partner, T. Novan to begin what would become a saga that follows the lives of a family through the end of the Civil War, the pain of the Reconstruction, and the extravagance of the Gilded Age – so far!

She now lives with her partner on a small farm in rural Kentucky, raising their oldest grandson, working her day job, writing at night, and feeding her family and friends from her extraordinary collection of traditional recipes from around the world.


Authors Taylor Rickard and T. Novan have found the recipes for many of the delicious meals described in their books recounting the saga of the Redmond family, from the last days of the Civil War, through the pain of the Reconstruction and the flamboyance of the Gilded Age. Written from the perspective of the latest Charlie Redmond, these recipes reflect the lovely meals described in the series, as well as traditional foods from the last century and a half in the American south. They also provide the context within the novels for the preparation, consumption, and savoring of these dishes – and as we all know, food and drink is at the heart of the tradition of Southern hospitality