Genre: Lesbian Romance / Suspense

Release Date: July 2022

Saving a family legacy comes with all sorts of surprises and a maze of challenges for Caitlin Balle and Amanda Sherman. Their mission is to preserve Hobcaw Point, and create a loving relationship that will continue the long line of the Balle’s of Hobcaw Point. Nothing goes smoothly in dealing with crooked politicians, disapproving mothers, complicated legal problems, a missing deed, a cache of Confederate gold and some well-meaning but interfering ghosts!

Three hundred and fifty years ago, an ambitious Scotsman and his Irish wife came to the new Carolina Colonies. They bought some land on Hobcaw Creek with a small natural harbor and built a shipyard that would serve the creation of the Port of Charles Town, Charleston during the Revolutionary War and South Carolina during the Civil War until it was burned to the ground and waterline by General Sherman in 1865. The land stayed in the family for another 150 years until an ambitious city councilor tries to take the land to build a community yacht club.

Now Caitlin Balle must try to save her family legacy, including the historical ruins of the shipyard, with the help of Amanda Sherman,  a civil engineer hired by the county to oversee the project – a civil engineer who is the great great granddaughter of the man who burned the shipyard down. Charleston society has a very long memory, and Shermans are not welcome in certain circles – especially lesbian Shermans who are courting one of their own.