We are pleased to announce the upcoming release in July 2023
They Shall Go Forth
by T. Novan and Taylor Rickard
Redmond Family Saga Romance Series Book 7

Major Charly Redmond VII, scarred and crippled in Afghanistan, withdrawn and wounded in her soul and body, is reluctant to let anyone get close to her. That is, until historian Leah Randolph enters her world to chronicle the history of the highly decorated military Redmond clan. Can Leah earn Charly’s trust and help her rebuild her life?

In the final months of the Civil War, two extraordinary people came together, founding a dynasty that was the product of their abundant love and compassion. Seven generations of Charles H. Redmonds attended West Point; seven soldiers served their country; while six brilliant women nurtured the family and its fortunes. An up-and-coming historian has come to the Redmonds, seeking to document the history of this family, and especially the women, who have contributed so much to their country. Does the family dare trust her to protect their privacy and their legacy?

The seventh Charly, scarred and crippled in Afghanistan, withdrawn and wounded in her soul as well as her body, is hesitant to let an outsider know the truths of the Redmond family. As Leah slowly earns their trust, she hears the fascinating stories of the Redmond clan and the women who built it. Charly VII has much in common with her ancestor. Like the first Charlie, she is wounded in battle and lonely in her heart. She slowly comes to realize Leah is as strong as the first Redmond matriarch and as loving. Together, they will honor the past as they build a new future for the next generations of Redmonds.