Have you been wanting to improve your PowerPoint presentation design skills but didn’t know how to go about it? This is the book for you! Creatives have been “Killing Their Darlings” for centuries. What does that mean and how can you achieve this lofty goal in your quest for PowerPoint presentation supremacy?

What and who are your “Creative Darlings” and why do you need to kill them? Your ideas of what you think will convey your message to your audience may not be what your audience needs! Ouch! Presentation designers who have had no intention of killing their audience have inadvertently unleashed “Death by PowerPoint”!

This is why “Killing Your Presentation Darlings: Myth Busting PowerPoint Design” exists! We will help you revive your audience by improving your PowerPoint presentation design skills!

Have you ever included any of the following in your presentations:

  • Walls of text (bulleted or not)
  • Packed a slide until there was no room left
  • Clip art
  • Thank You and/or Question slides
  • Logos and/or Titles on every slide
  • Stretched small, low-resolution images to make them larger
  • Random images that have nothing to do with the content
  • Unnecessary animation

You have? Well, this is the book for you! Certified Presentation Specialist Cindy Tingley shows you how you can sharpen your murderous streak and up your presentation game! Even without any formal graphic design training, you will start creating PowerPoint presentations that will engage your audience!

What are you waiting for? Let Cindy help you become the PowerPoint designer you’ve always wanted to be!