We are pleased to announce publication of a book that has been 25 years in the making (well, in 2020 it will be 25 years). We are planning ahead. AUSXIP Publishing will be publishing a book called XENA: THEIR COURAGE CHANGED OUR WORLD – How Xena: Warrior Princess Changed Lives and Inspired Generations.

Publication is September 4, 2020 and as a Xena fan you have your chance to tell the world how Xena Warrior Princess changed your life. It’s a book about YOU the fan and the friendships you’ve made, the life changes that were made, the creative genius that was brought forth through fanfic and art, the generosity of spirit in brought forth and how Xena changed fandom forever.

Publication Date: September 4, 2020 

Deadline to Submit: December 31, 2019

We will have further news about the book and how you can participate shortly. You can also join our AUSXIP Publishing mailing list to keep updated!

The Starship Foundation is the official charity of AUSXIP and AUSXIP Publishing. We are happy to announce that 100% of the royalties from this book will be donated to The Starship Foundation because one of the main messages of this show has been the Greater Good. We know the excellent work the Starship Foundation does for the children of New Zealand. Since 2006, AUSXIP has raised $198,000 for Starship and we hope to continue to do into the future.

Are you interested? You can now submit submit your story http://ausxip.com/news/xwpbook/