Non-Fiction – Cookbook

Redmond Family Cookbook

Taylor Rickard and T. Novan

Genre: Non-Fiction, Cookbook
Pages: 250
Edition: 1

Authors Taylor Rickard and T. Novan have found the recipes for many of the delicious meals described in their books recounting the saga of the Redmond family, from the last days of the Civil War, through the pain of the Reconstruction and the flamboyance of the Gilded Age. Written from the perspective of the latest Charlie Redmond, these recipes reflect the lovely meals described in the series, as well as traditional foods from the last century and a half in the American south. They also provide the context within the novels for the preparation, consumption, and savoring of these dishes – and as we all know, food and drink is at the heart of the tradition of Southern hospitality.


At the end of the Civil War, two extraordinary people, Charlie and Rebecca Redmond, came together to create what would become a local dynasty in the small farming town of Culpeper, Virginia. Like all southern families, feeding people was an integral part of the tradition of Southern hospitality. It is no surprise that Rebecca, supported by her outstanding family cooks, began a collection of recipes that would go down in our family as part of both our traditions and our heritage.

While this book does not contain all of their hundreds of recipes, we have taken some that are most representative of our great grandmother and grandfather’s culinary traditions, adapted them to modern cooking methods, measures and ingredients, and share them with you so that you can enjoy the delicious traditions that are part and parcel of the Redmond family.

Some of these recipes are included just for fun, as we do not think you will go out and find all of the fixings that were used in the day, but others are just plain delicious – and some are even easy to make. we have discovered that cooking, and testing these recipes is truly a relaxing pastime and fun to share with my partner and family. Not to mention, we enjoy the outcome of our efforts.

We have done all measurements and temperatures in American values (pounds and Fahrenheit), but they convert readily to metric values (grams and centigrade) easily enough.

So welcome to the kitchens of Mountain View and join the Redmonds and our friends and relations. We hope you enjoy the journey.


Lt. Col. (U.S. Army, Ret.) Charles “Lucky” Huger Redmond VII

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