BOOK 4: Redmond Civil War Era Romance: Charlie & Rebecca

Honor Thy Father

T. Novan and Taylor Rickard

Genre: Historical Romance, F2M Fiction (LGBT), Romance
Pages: 382
Edition: 2

The sequel to the much loved “Enemies in the Gates” with Rebecca and Charles Redmond. The Redmond Family Saga continues with the fourth book, as the United States attempts to rebuild its standing on the world stage after the ravages of the Civil War.

After serving as Mayor of Culpepper and supporting the return of Virginia to the Union, Retired General Charlie Redmond and his wife Rebecca are looking forward to living their lives as private citizens. They plan to spend time with their growing children and most importantly, take the time together that they have never had because of first the war and then the brutal demands of reconstruction. But President Grant has a very different idea for Charlie and Rebecca’s future.

On the day after Grant’s second inauguration, Charlie and Rebecca are summoned to the White House to answer the call of duty yet again. Grant’s administration is plagued with scandal. The US Ambassador to the Court of St. James’s has been caught promoting an illicit silver mine, and has been discredited. Grant is relying on Charlie and Rebecca’s impeccable reputations to repair the damage with the United Kingdom. But there are forces at work in London who want to damage the United States’ ability to conduct trade with England and will go to great lengths to do so. Will Charlie’s secret become a liability to the entire nation?

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Reviewed by 386Senior / Amazon

This was one of the best series I have read in a long time. The historical content was spot on and descriptions of clothing for the period was excellent. Especially what was required on a daily basis when representing the USA to others in a foreign country, also how people lived and worked in the 1800s and what they went through to survive daily life. We take a lot of our conveniences for granted and it shows how only the wealthy could afford such things as hot and cold running water. A lot of research went into this series and I hope the author (s) continue to turn out such interesting books. Being a Civil War buff from the South I totally enjoyed the context of the who, how and whys of everyday life. I would highly recommend this series to anyone with enough time to read them in sequence.

Reviewed by: KrisB (

The Redmond’s are all about family, and the kids are growing up. Kids are kids whether it’s 2017 or 1873. And when you take good country kids and put them in the big city… well Katy bar the door and Momma Redmond brace yourself! Life is going to get IN-TER-EST-ING!!

If you’ve not been reading the Redmond saga… you are MISSING OUT! A beautiful story, set in meticulously researched history, makes for excellent reading! Dropping new characters into known history takes talent and skill to do properly without either offending ones sense of history, or seeming absurd (Whoopi Goldberg in King Arthur’s cout anyone?!) But TN and Taylor don’t just do it right, they do it WELL, and with STYLE! While it can be hard to do in a series, each story is complete unto itself, but leaves room for more. (Time does march on.) If this is the first time you’ve heard about the Redmonds, start with Words Heard In Silence and work your way through. You’ll be glad that you did!

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