BOOK 6: Redmond Civil War Era Romance: Charlie & Rebecca

Whither Thou Goest

T. Novan and Taylor Rickard

Genre: Historical Romance, F2M Fiction (LGBT), Romance
Pages: 417
Edition: 1

Charlie and Rebecca Redmond with their children are back in the sixth novel of the Redmond Family Saga. The Redmonds take us into the world of wealth and rapidly changing cultural standards in the late 19th century, the “Gilded Age.”

It is the height of The Gilded Age, with incredible inventions, great entrepreneurs, vast fortunes, and immense corruption running rampant. Amidst this remarkable and challenging period of the country’s growth, Charlie and Rebecca Redmond are ushering their children into adulthood.

Rebecca’s stroke left her with permanent injuries. For Charlie and Rebecca, it is a time to withdraw from public service and focus on their family and their own well-being. The opportunities afforded to the children of this remarkable family are almost limitless.

One is a businessman, immersed in the challenges of a volatile financial market. One is a horsewoman who is preparing Redmond Stables for the change in the role horses will have in the world with the maturing of the rail systems. One follows his father into the military, the dedicated conservator of the Redmond legacy. One is a scholar who is already breaking the bonds of the traditional role of women in society. And one is a renegade who has learned how to make play pay.

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