BOOK 1: Redmond Civil War Romance: Charlie & Rebecca

Words Heard In Silence

Genre: Historical Romance, FTM Fiction (LGBT), Civil War Romance
Pages: 889
Edition: 3

An epic love story in war-ravaged Culpeper during the Civil War where an unlikely romance blossoms between the widowed Rebecca and the dashing Union Officer Colonel Charles. Can their love survive the agony of war?

It’s 1864 in Culpeper, Virginia, and the Civil War is raging. War widow Rebecca Gaines struggles to manage the family farm on her own. Life is difficult in besieged Culpepper, and the arrival of Union soldiers on her property for the winter offers Rebecca extra income but she fears having the enemy at her doorstep.

The troop’s commanding Officer is Colonel Charles Redmond, a dashing, surprisingly courteous gentleman, is not what she expects from a Union soldier, and Rebecca finds herself drawn to the handsome officer despite her misgivings of falling for the enemy.

Charlie is not without his demons and is alarmed at how easily he has fallen for the lovely Southerner. Charlie hides a secret that, if discovered, will mean social disgrace and an end to his distinguished military career. Can he risk his reputation and career for the woman he is falling in love with?

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Reviewed by TammyD (

This is a very well written, heartwarming historical romance set during the end of the civil war. The writers did a great job of integrating fictional characters with well known real characters and events, offering a unique perspective to this era in history. It is highly engaging, with richly detailed main and secondary characters. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and highly recommend it.

Reviewed by Susan (

What a great story. I was never a civil war buff, and was concerned Id find the historical aspects of the book tedious. Wrong!!! This is an amazing story, colorfully written, great chracters. I usually dont give 5 stars, but I must. Excellent book!

Reviewed by Sue Fritz (

T. Novan and Taylor Rickard are excellent writers. The story is gripping, insightful and full of historical aspects of the Civil War.. A lot of people do not know this, but there were female soldiers during the Civil War. It is a story about how romance can blossom during a time of conflict.. Words Heard in Silence is the beginning of a series of one families struggle. To piece together their life after the War.. An excellent read………

Reviewed by: 386 Senior (

Lesbian Civil War drama at its finest

I waited almost 2 years for this book to get to my price range and the wait was well worth it. The historical drama and detail was spot on as far as the period of time this drama unfolded. The writing was very good and the descriptions from the performance of battlefield surgery to life on a farm in war torn Virginia were excellent. Being a Civil War history buff, especially the south, made for very entertaining reading. This book in my opinion deserves every bit of a 10 on the scale of 1 to 10. A true enjoyment!

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Words Heard In Silence

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