From Book to Script… How Creatives Can Move Forward

I’ve had writers contact me about how they can turn their book into a script for it to be developed into a movie. How easy is it to do? What needs to be done?

Today I want to introduce you to a company which can help creatives in that area. One of our dearest friends is Adrienne Wilkinson and she runs the Plan A Media Group. Here’s the info you need…

Calling all Creatives (and especially those who are interested in the film industry)

Adrienne has a consulting firm called Plan A Media Group. Adrienne has been helping writers streamline their scripts to make them ready to be submitted or produced, etc. She has a superpower of helping creators turn their filmed projects into successes (if your edit isn’t working and you don’t know why or are just stuck, Plan A Media Group can tell you why it isn’t working and give suggestions on how to fix it etc.).

Plan A Media Group also helps with pitch materials, etc. You can see the full list of services on Plan A Media Group’s website.  Essentially, Adrienne is what writers need: a fresh pair of eyes for creatives. Adrienne has nearly 20 years of experience in successfully helping colleagues with their creative projects.

Are you serious about wanting to take the next step? Well, this service will give you that opportunity. We all need a helping hand, and having an experienced professional mentor you through the process is the only way to go. This is for those who are serious about their goals and want to break into the industry.

Get all the details here:

Upcoming Release: Christmas To Remember by Mary D. Brooks

Upcoming release of an Intertwined Souls Short called “Christmas to Remember” – set during the winter of 1943 in Larissa, Greece. Eva, Zoe and Henry decide to take the opportunity to head for the mountains to celebrate Christmas. Not everything goes according to plan!

Arielle Strauss Brueland Reads to Kindergarden Students!

Arielle had a fantastic opportunity to introduce and read the book “Serene and the Spirits” to three kindergarten classes (70 students!) on December 20, 2021.

In addition to the reading, Arielle gave all the students a coloring book page for them to draw their family sharing a feast around a traditional Japanese tea table just like Serene and her family in the book!

For more about “Serene and the Spirits” check out…/serene-and-the-spirits/

Pre-Order “Lifelines” by Shireen Magedin

Pre-order Lifelines for 25 January 2022 release.

Sarah and Tanya find love in an ancient land that spans thousands of years. Can they be the ones to beat the odds where deeply held beliefs and cultural traditions are against them?