Upcoming New Children’s Illustrated Novel: “Serene and the Spirits” by Arielle Strauss Brueland

We are excited to announce our upcoming children’s illustrated novel “Serene and the Spirits” by Arielle Strauss Brueland and Illustrated by Lucia Nobrega for an October 31, 2021 release!

Serene is a three-year-old Japanese-American girl who lives in Ohio with her moms. Serene is excited that her family will visit her cousins in Japan and attend the Obon’s annual Buddhist summer festival. The celebration commemorates one’s ancestors, and Serene spends the day connecting with the spirits of their ancestors.

AUSXIP Publishing Welcomes New Staff Member: Lucia Nobrega

AUSXIP Publishing Staff Announcement

We are thrilled to announce the addition of a new staff member to AUSXIP Publishing. Lucia Nobrega has joined our team as our resident Illustrator. It’s a collaboration that has spanned twenty years when Lucia started to illustrate MaryD’s Eva and Zoe series. In addition to Lucia’s extraordinary talents as an illustrator, she’s also one of our writers with her graphic novel “The Little Runaways”!

Who is Lucia Nobrega?

I am Lúcia Nóbrega, a Brazilian comic book writer and illustrator for children. I started my career at the Mauricio de Sousa Studio where I learned my craft with the best teachers. It was at Editora Abril (Abril Publishing) that my carrier really flourished. I wrote many comic books such as Alegria & CIA, Os Trapalhões, As Aventuras dos Trapalhões, Gugu, Little Lulu, Strawberry Shortcake.

Abril is the official publisher of Disney in Brazil so I wrote a few stories for Mickey, Donald and Zé Carioca too. Moving on from that adventure, I became a free-lancer artist and am currently working for various publications.

Find out more about Lucia on her author page

New Release: Enemy at the Gate Audio Book

We are pleased to announce the release of the first audio book in the Intertwined Souls Series

Enemy at the Gate by Mary D. Brooks! Narrated by the incredibly gifted voice actress Arielle Strauss Brueland who brings Zoe Lambros to life. Produced by AUSXIP Publishing’s partner XV Podcasters.

Enemy at the Gate Audio Book is an incredible radio theatre style audio book that takes you into Zoe’s world in war ravaged Greece in 1941.

Available on Amazon, Audible and other audio book outlets.
It’s 1941 and Zoe is surrounded by death and misery in Axis occupied Greece. Young Zoe is determined to join the Greek Resistance. With the help of her family, she plays a pivotal role protecting the most vulnerable victims of World War Two. Can Zoe’s passionate desire to defend her country be enough to keep her alive long enough to complete the mission?

Announcing New Author: Taylor Rickard and New Book

We are pleased to welcome Taylor Rickard to AUSXIP Publishing and also announce that Taylor’s new book “Redmond Family Cookbook” which is due in the Spring of 2021.

Taylor Rickard has an unusual background. She was raised in the south by a grandmother whose love of Southern history and traditions was instilled in her from an early age. Her grandmother’s dreams for her life included being presented at the St. Cecilia’s Cotillion, marriage to a nice boy from the Citadel, and a life of doing research for the Huguenot Society of South Carolina and raising lovely little Children of the Confederacy. That didn’t happen. She grew up to have multiple careers in her life.
She has been a chef, a television producer/director and an information technology architect. But it was that love and knowledge of all things southern that lead her and her partner, T. Novan to begin what would become a saga that follows the lives of a family through the end of the Civil War, the pain of the Reconstruction, and the extravagance of the Gilded Age – so far!

She now lives with her partner on a small farm in rural Kentucky, raising their oldest grandson, working her day job, writing at night, and feeding her family and friends from her extraordinary collection of traditional recipes from around the world.


Authors Taylor Rickard and T. Novan have found the recipes for many of the delicious meals described in their books recounting the saga of the Redmond family, from the last days of the Civil War, through the pain of the Reconstruction and the flamboyance of the Gilded Age. Written from the perspective of the latest Charlie Redmond, these recipes reflect the lovely meals described in the series, as well as traditional foods from the last century and a half in the American south. They also provide the context within the novels for the preparation, consumption, and savoring of these dishes – and as we all know, food and drink is at the heart of the tradition of Southern hospitality

New Release: Whither Thou Goest by T. Novan and Taylor Rickard

We are pleased to announce the upcoming release of Whither Thou Goest by T. Novan & Taylor Rickard. Wither Thou Goest is the 6th novel in the Redmond Family Saga.
ePub version is on the AUSXIP Publishing Store on special for a limited time.
Kindle ebook is now available from Amazon (All countries) http://getbook.at/witherthougoest

Charlie and Rebecca Redmond with their children are back in the sixth novel of the Redmond Family Saga. The Redmonds take us into the world of wealth and rapidly changing cultural standards in the late 19th century, the “Gilded Age.”

It is the height of The Gilded Age, with incredible inventions, great entrepreneurs, vast fortunes, and immense corruption running rampant. Amidst this remarkable and challenging period of the country’s growth, Charlie and Rebecca Redmond are ushering their children into adulthood.

Rebecca’s stroke left her with permanent injuries. For Charlie and Rebecca, it is a time to withdraw from public service and focus on their family and their own well-being. The opportunities afforded to the children of this remarkable family are almost limitless.

One is a businessman, immersed in the challenges of a volatile financial market. One is a horsewoman who is preparing Redmond Stables for the change in the role horses will have in the world with the maturing of the rail systems. One follows his father into the military, the dedicated conservator of the Redmond legacy. One is a scholar who is already breaking the bonds of the traditional role of women in society. And one is a renegade who has learned how to make play pay.